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Students usually write college term papers at the end of the academic semester. If you get a task to write college term paper, start to think about its topic and structure in a good time. It is very important to submit the term paper to the committee in time.

When making critical reading, think what information is of primary importance and what information is of secondary importance. If you have defined the topic of your college term paper and have all the necessary information for its writing, start to make an outline. An outline is the plan that will help you to organize your paper in a logical sequence. Making the outline is the important step in writing the term paper. How you organize your paper will influence your paper grade. If you do not know how to write an outline for your college term paper, so you may find samples of college term papers and see how other students organize their term papers.

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A good outline usually includes such main constituents as the introduction, the main body that includes several paragraphs and the conclusion. In the introduction you should introduce the topic of your research paper. Then you may write thesis statement. Write background information about the subject of your investigation. Write the purpose of your research paper, mention what methods you are going to use while writing your paper. After, the term paper you may proceed to the writing of the main body.

In the main body, you should write literature review. Write what other scientists thought about the subject of investigation. In the main body you should also present your experiments and findings. Support your evidences with the citations and examples. You may also divide your term paper into headings and sub-headings. There may be two, three or more paragraphs in the main body of your research. In the first paragraph of the main body you may describe the history of the problem, and then in the next paragraph try to extend the topic, write your points of view on it. In the last, third paragraph you may write the possible future solutions of the given problem. To make your term paper smooth, use transition sentences between the paragraphs.

In the conclusion, sum up all the information that you gave in the introduction and the main body. If you stated some question in the introduction, do not forget to answer them in the conclusion. Remember, that the conclusion will make the last impression about your term paper that is why try to give their only strong statements.

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