If You do not Know how to Write Research Paper – Find Research Paper Samples online

Pupils usually write research papers at schools, colleges, universities. That is why it is very important to learn from the very beginning how to write research paper.

If you get a task to write research paper, ask if you need to write it on the definite theme or you may choose your own topic. If you are free in choosing the topic, then start to think over what you want to write about in your research paper. There are many research paper topics; but try to choose the one that is interesting to you. Think also if this topic will be interesting for your target audience. You may also ask your instructor to help you with the choice of the topic for your research paper. He may also give you some pieces of advice as for how to write research paper.

If you know the topic of your research paper, start to look for the relevant reading. You may find the necessary books in your school or university library. Make a critical reading of these books and choose only the most important information for your research. You may also find information in the internet, but read only trusted web sites.

Some students do not know how to write research paper outline. An outline is a plan of your research and it usually consists of the introduction, the main body that has several paragraphs and sub-paragraphs and the conclusion or summary of the research paper.

In the introduction, present the subject of investigation. Write why it is important to research it. You should also clearly define the purpose of your investigation. Write the research main questions. Point out what methods you use for the investigation. Pupils usually use either qualitative or quantitative methods.

If you do not know how to write research paper main body, then you may read research paper samples. Usually the main body of the research paper consists of three paragraphs. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence. In the first paragraph, you may give literature review. Point out what different scientists wrote about the subject of your investigation. Then you may present your own observations but still you may support your thesis with citations and examples. Using relevant citations and excellent examples will make you work mature and draw readers’ attention. Make transitions between paragraphs of the main body.

In the conclusion, write the conclusion arguments and summaries. You may also point out the perspectives of the further investigation of the given topic.

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