Writing a Research Paper Essay

Research Paper Essays and Their Structure

Usually writing of a research paper essay becomes a very complicated task to the students or young authors and may even lead to the serious troubles. It is a well-known fact that an inexperienced writer can hardly complete this task. It is not enough to have some strong knowledge in the specific subject or have good writing skills. It is very important to have an idea on how to do this work. This short text will help you to understand the whole process of the research paper writing.

When you are going to write the research paper essay please think on the topic first. It should be interesting for you and quite challenging. If your research paper is for a class you may receive a general topic. In this case you can still narrow down the more specific theme. It is natural, that the more you are interested in the chosen subject, the more efforts and enthusiasm you will have during your research work and writing. It is advised to avoid the topics which are too technical. Besides, please do not choose the topic specialized in nature. Usually, the topics of those types have a very little amount of the source information and you will spend a lot of time at the computer on in the library.

Once you have clear ideas about your topic, start seeking for the information for it. When the experienced writers work on the research paper essays, they always use the variety of sources. A great amount of the information can be found at such sources as: magazines and newspapers, books, professional journals, almanacs, encyclopaedias, the Internet and so on. Be sure that your source is reliable and the information can be confirmed by the other websites, papers or books. If you use false information from a website, it can lead to the great troubles for you. That is why it is advised to use the websites of the educational institutions, government institutions or non-profit organizations. Now, after you have found the required amount of information and have discovered a number of sources, you need to start writing your work. The first part is the introduction where you have to explain the reader what the essay will be about. Besides, the introduction will contain a thesis, – a summary of your research paper. The body of your work should be closely related with the thesis statement from your introduction part. Each paragraph of your body part should contain the topic sentence with the main details while the rest sentences in the paragraph will contain the information that prove or support those details. The last part of the essay is a conclusion of the whole research work. It will summarize the thoughts, ideals and researches of the paper.

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Research Paper Guide

Research Paper Guide will Help You to Complete an Excellent Paper

While writing your research paper it is important to follow the research paper guide. Here you will be given the recommended format, writing style etc.

There many different approaches to research paper writing:

1. First you may consult your instructor, and ask if he has some special paper writing guide for you. If he has the guidance then you should consistently and accurately follow it. Ask the instructor in what format he wants you to write the paper.

2. You may find research paper handbook in the library of your university.

3. Another place where you may search for the paper guide is internet.

4. Custom essay and research paper writing sites may also support you with the guidance.

Usually in the research paper guide you may find the hints and the succession of steps that you should complete while writing your paper. There are also all rules that deal with paper formatting.

Writing the research paper may be a daunting task. But if you divide the process of its writing into small steps, then the writing process will be more manageable. Here are some hints that you may find in any guide:

1. Plan your time. Ask your instructor what about the deadline for your research paper. You may plan the schedule that will allow you to finish your paper successfully.

2. Choose the topic. Sometimes students get a definite topic for their papers. So they do not have choice regarding the topic of their writings. But, if you have a choice, then be wise while selecting the theme for the research. Choose interesting topic. Think if it may appeal your target audience.

Also, make sure that you may find enough resources that cover the topic. If you see that there is a lot of information available to this topic and it will take you much time to read it all, so narrow the theme. Generalize your broad topic enough, so you will be able to develop and successfully support your research paper thesis.

3. Find information that will help you in writing. Try to avoid using the information that is out of date.

4. Make a draft of your paper. Include the following parts to the research paper structure:

– the introductory part
– the main part
– the concluding part or summary

Begin your research paper with the introductory paragraph. Here you should contact the main topic and the research question of your paper. Point out the thesis statement of your paper.

In the main body, provide well-thought arguments on the research paper topic. In the concluding part of your paper, give the statements that summarize the main points of the previous paragraphs.

5. Proofread your paper. An excellent paper takes at least two or three proofreading.

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Research Paper Proposal Format

Preliminary Work Over Research Paper Proposal Format

Research proposal is a short (about two pages long) summary of the research work, giving your reader adequate information about all the work you’ve done, about the ways of its completion and its value. As any other type of research work, it has to follow some definite research paper proposal format. Remember you should start your research before you start your proposal writing. Surely, your research may not be yet complete, but you have to know some of the resources you will be making use of and where the focus of your work lies. As a rule proposals are quite specific to the task, so make sure you have read your task carefully. Don’t forget to make sure you cover all the needed aspects of your task in the proposal. Besides you must be sure that your resources list  includes the books you can get and read.

The main features of successful research paper proposal are the following:

  • a plain language that can be understandable for any non-specialist,
  • specific terms or scientific jargon,
  • a proposed researched question must be very specific and focused on only one aspect of research.

Besides, in any really good research paper proposal format you will find that your future research paper must comprise the following parts:

  • Title – a short and precise phrase that states the main problem of your proposal. Keep in mind, it should be no longer that 80 characters.
  • Abstract – an understandable summary of the completed work that explains your objectives, theoretical background of the points under consideration and investigational approach.
  • Historical Background – a part where you need to tell about your predecessors’ works in the area you are investigating. Remember that all the data taken from any sources should be referenced.
  • Objective – kind of a clarification of the work’s value minding all the concrete aims you are going to achieve.
  • Technical Approach – a depiction of the work you are actually going to complete and actual methods of doing it.
  • Bibliography – a list of references where you give all the sources you have quoted in your research paper. Keep in mind that all these items must be given in an alphabetical order.

Keep in mind that during the process of writing you follow all the rules of grammar and style. You should stick to research paper proposal format you decided to follow. The exception may be the case when you are going to personalize your proposal a bit.

Now you know what you will have to do to complete a really good research paper proposal. The most easiest and helpful way is to follow the given research paper proposal format. In case you still have some doubts or questions, you are welcomed to visit custom research writing assistant PhDify.com and get a lot of useful information such as tips on writing a paper or some ready research paper examples. Don’t hesitate and soon you will get the highest mark you deserve!

Science Fair Research Paper

Science Fair Research Paper is Normally Brought About by Experimentations

Writing is part of an academic life. As one completes the different levels of education, his writing and research abilities are developed. At the same time as his skills get enhanced, he also gets to become more aware of which topics he is more interested in. He becomes more familiar of issues that he wants to delve into. Some choose to explore on controversial research topics for they find it ultimately challenging while others prefer to examine other good research topics that are equally enlightening. However, regardless of the subject matter that you decide to write for your research paper, what is important is that it is truly interesting and attention-grabbing. Recently, students are encouraged to do science fair research paper for numbers of reasons. The study is normally brought about to make clear the results or outcome of an experimentation.

Your project must clearly define your experiment, or invention, since the main goal of a science fair research is to clearly explicate the trials. Make certain that you delineate each important issue, mark out those that need elaboration. Explain in layman’s terms, as much as possible. Common notion about science fair papers is that these are lackluster; make it as appealing as possible by providing terminologies which can be understood and appreciated by your readers.

Like other research paper projects, science fair written works must also have these important parts:

• Research paper cover page. This is what gives your first impression, for this what your readers will immediately get to see. Try to make a perfect cover page. Make sure that you do not have typographical errors. Double-check your spellings before having your work printed. Do not make use of colored fonts either. Utilize legible fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial, point 12. Your front page should be formal and neat.

• Abstract. This is a summary of your paper with a limited number of words. Make sure that you mention all valuable information, for some make the mistakes of including those that are irrelevant and overlooking those that are truly indispensable. Adhere to the exact count of the abstract, for making it too long may result to a revision.

• Research paper introduction. Regardless of your paper topic, your introduction must be imposing. When doing a science fair paper, you must state all your problems, goals, theories and other important aspects of your study. You establish your subject matter in the beginning of your paper as well.

• Body/Findings. The complexity of cropping up an acceptable science paper is the number one reason why PhDify.com has numerous orders of scientific projects. Indeed, this calls for extensive study and accurate facts.

• Conclusions and Recommendation. You must also include your valuable assumption and proposal about your topic. Try to make your ending as appealing as your opening.

• References. Keep up with the writing imperatives; give credit to those who deserve it. Cite your sources accurately.

Science fair research paper may sound intimidating to some. Then again, when one has the enthusiasm to learn things and the keenness to discover more, writing this project can really be stimulating.

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Writing a Business Research Paper

There are numerous types of research papers, and there are also several topics to explore on. When you are faced with research paper writing, the first thing that you will need to do is to come up with a good research theme. Once you have selected an extremely appealing research idea, you also need to become skilled at the required research paper outline. It is imperative that you take notes and adhere to the basics of your paper format, otherwise, your paper may get rejected. Writing a business research paper is not really different from other research projects. You just need to like the argument to accomplish an excellent written work.

You may dwell on numerous topics, when you are tasked to carry out a business research:

• Target Market. This is probably the most significant aspect of a business plan. Identifying your target market, and understanding market segmentation can greatly affect the stability of an enterprise. The intended market can actually determine the feasibility and progress of any company. Writing about the preferences or wants, the needs, expectations, behavior, and other significant elements which will affect the market’s buying capacity will help you accomplish an A rating.

• Products and services. When writing a business paper, you may also wish to give focus on the products or services which are being offered by the company. You may provide the specifications, as well as the prices and other indispensable factors that can actually help sell the products. When you are tasked with a food business, you can provide some recipes, including the cost analysis, which will clearly indicate the feasibility of the production.

• The organization. Indeed, you can also delve into the issues of the chosen organization. Whether it is a partnership, sole proprietorship, a corporation, or whatever type of organization of the business, can also assist you in getting an excellent ranking. Make certain that you do extensive research, this topic is discussed in numerous business and management course books and you may also utilize the internet for other interesting articles.

• Channels of Distribution. Your channels of distribution will depend on the types of products that the company is selling. If the company is selling products, it is most likely that it has middle men, or people who take care of advertising the items. If it is a service-oriented company, on the other hand, agencies may be used as channels of distribution, but in most cases, service-oriented companies do not actually have channels of allocation.

As you write your paper project, it is also when you would learn how to make a research, if it is your first time to crop up one. However, when beginners find it difficult to complete a research paper, sample research papers are also available. These written examples can be used by amateur writers to enhance their own writing pieces. You can gain knowledge of efficient writing as you continuously glance at other people’s works. Your business research paper must also be written in a conventional tone to keep up with the research theme.

Science Research Paper

Science Research Paper is a Challenging Paper Writing

Science research paper is the project that is related to the science. Some students have to write research paper on science for specific course. Others are free in choice of the research paper topic.

If you get a task to write this kind of paper and you do not know what to start with, then follow this general guidance:

1. Choose the topic for your paper.

In your paper you can cover any scientific subject in any field of science. Many students that study sciences are just unaware of the great amount of topics that they may choose for their paper. In this paper you may describe and investigate the topic from any science: physics, chemistry, maths, sociology, biology, and psychology etc.

If you are not limited in the science field then you should choose the scientific sphere that you are strong at. If you have defined the scientific area, then you should think what specific theme in this subject appeals you. Think what topic appeals you and if you possess enough knowledge to handle it. For example, your favorite discipline is biology. Then you should think what field of biology you want to discover: human biology, plant biology, microbiology or macro biology etc. If you have defined the sub-category for your topic, then think what question in this field is not completely discovered. If you cannot find topic for your research paper, then you may:

– Visit your advisor.
– Find research paper samples in internet.
– Visit custom essay and research paper writing sites. If you need a qualified assistance in writing your paper, PhDify.com can help you with a variety of topics in a vast field of studies.

2. Find reputable information on the topic.

Read different books or periodical material that is relevant to the topic of your paper.

3. Make an outline for your paper.

Science research paper should be structured into the title page, abstract, introduction, the main body (methods, results, discussion) and the conclusion.

In the introduction present your research subject. Write the main purpose and aims of your investigation. Also, point out what methods you are going to use in your paper.

In the main body write all your findings and discussion. Avoid using poetic phrases or expressions. Dramatic or emotional statements also do not belong to the scientific style. For this paper you should use factual statements. Use different citations, examples, details to support your information. It will be also inappropriate if you use contractions or slang expressions in your paper. Remember that your writing should be formal and concise. Also pay attention to the scientific terms. Some of them may be polysemantic that is why think if this term is relevant to your statement.

In the conclusion, write the summary to your paper. Make sure you give answer to your research question.

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Sociology Paper Topics

Different Sources of Getting Ideas For Sociology Paper Topics

Writing on sociology topics is fun as this paper is going to deal with person’s behavior in social settings. Thus sociology paper topics are based on different aspects of human life in social medium – cultural aspects, psychological aspects, etc. By choosing the right topic to explore you are free from failures in your academic life.

The topics for sociology paper can be retrieved from different sources. It can be a scientific book or some peer-reviewed articles, it can be online information of any kind, it can be your empirical experience that may suggest you an appropriate topic. Whatever the topic you choose for analysis, be sure to provide viable research ideas which can be tested by you within the paper. If you lack experience or literature for writing on some sociology paper topics, you are unlikely to provide a high quality paper.

It’s worth to note that sociology paper topics should be up-to-date meaning they are interesting to public and scientific community, in other words they are acute. Sometimes the students start looking for sample research papers to get some research ideas and it is a good idea as in a sample one is likely to encounter some gaps in previous works and approach these gaps with new methods and new vision of the problem.

Sociology offers a broad field for study and you are free to choose among hundreds of interesting research topics, such as:

  • Immigration in modern societies and its effect on separate cultures.
  • Discrimination at workplace and how to avoid it.
  • Mass media impact on public political opinion.
  • Globalization and social processes related to it.
  • Overpopulation and aging of the population.

If you are well-versed in research paper writing and know how to make a research paper to be highly estimated, you know not only the basics of argumentative writing and have excellent writing skills but also are confident about different formatting peculiarities. Thus you know how to deal with references, organize quotations and make a cover page. You should also know that it is better to start research writing process with research paper outline.

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Interesting Research Ideas

Interesting Research Ideas And How These Can Be Found

Being a student implies a lot of writing tasks and research writing assignments which are daunting and often burdensome as they require a lot of time and efforts to complete them. All these tasks require interesting research ideas to explore and present in a paper. It is great when a student has an opportunity to choose a topic to his liking and evince oneself into a work with passion and zest to know more on the topic.

While students are taught how to write an essay, how to cite a paper, how arrange references and in-text citation, no one can help you with interesting research ideas as it is you who can define if a topic is interesting or not. However, whatever topic you choose to investigate, the drive behind the desire to find an interesting idea should be crafting an absorbing and catchy research paper.

It is also true that if a student gets a kick of an idea one has chosen to explore, one is going to provide an excellent research paper. Anyway when the topic is chosen, you start with research paper outline which helps in making a paper well-structured and thus more lucid and understandable for the reader.

The question which is on the mind of any student who wants to succeed with research paper writing is how to find interesting research ideas? Again it is about individual approaches and likings. However, some tips will be helpful to understand how research ideas pop out.

When you have to write a research paper, say on literature, you start thinking what literature piece is good for you to analyze. When getting some work on mind, you can explore it further online. Finding description of the text or different views which are quite numerous on web, you can get useful ideas of what direction and approach to take and what particular aspect of a topic to explore.

It is always good to do previous research on the topic before starting to write it. It is possible to develop some idea in the process of reading and analysis of works of other researchers and writers. This is an inspiring way to investigate more on the topic and to find out something new and interesting, explore some aspect which is unknown or underresearched by others.

Having difficulty with research writing or not knowing how to make a research paper, one can look for a sample research paper. However, it is not a way out if you want an original and A level research. Sample is good in some aspects and can totally spoil the whole project if you concentrate on it too much. What can be done when you cannot complete a good research paper by the deadline?

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