Term Paper Cover Example Will Help You in Writing Title Page

Each type of writing paper requires a term paper cover page. It is advisable to have a cover page because it makes a project to be fully valid and properly organized. It is created to introduce a term paper and indicate writer’s name, surname, group, course, etc. There are two main styles of creating the term paper front page that help students to do the task quite correctly. They are:

• APA style
• MLA style

Before writing the front page, the students are informed about a particular style by his/her professor beforehand. The main function of the cover page is not only to introduce one’s work, but gives a chance to the committee be organized. Hence, the students have to listen to the supervisor’s recommendations and instructions how to write the front page.

To create a term paper in MLA style, the students should remember that the cover page should be stuck to the same style as well. MLA style format is the simplest one:

• Title of a paper
• Student’s name
• Date

It is seldom occurred when some professors require the additional information such as the supervisor’s name and the course title. Therefore, MLA term paper cover sheet should be written centrally. As to the title of the paper, it has to be put almost one third of the way down the cover page. The indication of a student’s name and surname appears under the title, after that a student puts the date. In case if the professor requires the course title and his/her name, they are written in the last line of the page. All this should be produced in Times New Roman, font sized 12.

APA style term paper is a little bit complicated than MLA one. It is important not to forget to number the title page in the upper right hand corner. In comparison with MLA style, APA style requires the title abstract should be put at the top of the page. It has to be left planed. Below the title, the students write their names. It is acceptable to use the font sized 11 or 12, Times New Roman.

There is one more version of organizing the title page. It is required by an educational establishment at which the students study:

• Student’s first and last name
• Title of the paper
• Date of handing in the work
• Instructor’s name and surname
• Title of the course
• Period of the section
• Number of the classroom

Very often the students decide to make the front page more vivid and attractive. They add some pictures, graphics, tables attached to the topic of the term paper. From the one hand, it shows that the students put a lot of time and efforts to make their work different and noticeable, but, from the other hand, it can cause a divertive and repellent effect.

To write a term paper cover page is not so difficult, but if you are still at a loss what kind of requirements you have to follow, you can consult custom writers at PhDify.com or you can look trough term paper sample.