Preliminary Work Over Research Paper Proposal Format

Research proposal is a short (about two pages long) summary of the research work, giving your reader adequate information about all the work you’ve done, about the ways of its completion and its value. As any other type of research work, it has to follow some definite research paper proposal format. Remember you should start your research before you start your proposal writing. Surely, your research may not be yet complete, but you have to know some of the resources you will be making use of and where the focus of your work lies. As a rule proposals are quite specific to the task, so make sure you have read your task carefully. Don’t forget to make sure you cover all the needed aspects of your task in the proposal. Besides you must be sure that your resources list  includes the books you can get and read.

The main features of successful research paper proposal are the following:

  • a plain language that can be understandable for any non-specialist,
  • specific terms or scientific jargon,
  • a proposed researched question must be very specific and focused on only one aspect of research.

Besides, in any really good research paper proposal format you will find that your future research paper must comprise the following parts:

  • Title – a short and precise phrase that states the main problem of your proposal. Keep in mind, it should be no longer that 80 characters.
  • Abstract – an understandable summary of the completed work that explains your objectives, theoretical background of the points under consideration and investigational approach.
  • Historical Background – a part where you need to tell about your predecessors’ works in the area you are investigating. Remember that all the data taken from any sources should be referenced.
  • Objective – kind of a clarification of the work’s value minding all the concrete aims you are going to achieve.
  • Technical Approach – a depiction of the work you are actually going to complete and actual methods of doing it.
  • Bibliography – a list of references where you give all the sources you have quoted in your research paper. Keep in mind that all these items must be given in an alphabetical order.

Keep in mind that during the process of writing you follow all the rules of grammar and style. You should stick to research paper proposal format you decided to follow. The exception may be the case when you are going to personalize your proposal a bit.

Now you know what you will have to do to complete a really good research paper proposal. The most easiest and helpful way is to follow the given research paper proposal format. In case you still have some doubts or questions, you are welcomed to visit custom research writing assistant and get a lot of useful information such as tips on writing a paper or some ready research paper examples. Don’t hesitate and soon you will get the highest mark you deserve!